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Wealth plus Health is created with the intention to help you make to enhance your knowledge in the field of finance as well as health. We cover all aspects of healthy living as well as to remain financially sound.

Our readers are looking to live healthier, better, longer lives, with financial security and we’re here to assist with the process. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be daunting when you have the tools you need to make smarter food decisions.

Whether you’re in a bustling city or a rural town, our advice meets you where you are. From eating healthier to invest, buy a home, save for retirement, or achieve another financial goal, we can help you make better choices every single day.

Our Commitment to Research, Expertise, Data, & Authority

When you’re looking to make a life-changing decision about your diet and personal finance, we know you want the most trustworthy, accurate, and researched information as possible.

We enforce important sourcing guidelines to make sure what you’re reading on our site is accurate. When you read our content, you’ll see that we link to recognized news sites, academic journals, research institutions, and peer-reviewed studies.

We spend time doing our research, so you can live your happy life and feel confident that we’ve served you the best tips, advice, and recipes that “Wealth plus Health 365” has to offer.

At “Wealth plus Health 365”, we work to bring you the latest, greatest, and most current information in the food and finance spaces.

Meet Our Editors


1. Anupam Raj (Founder and Editor in chief)

    M. Tech, I.I.T B.H.U 

2. Dr. Akhilesh Kumar (Co-Editor)